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Who we are

Mercury is a unique High Five server, that is built based on new, unseen, unique, and interactive ideas and changes, to provide the best game experience for the players of our precious gameplay. A team made of very experienced individuals, who know the game inside and out, will make sure that the players not only have an amazing experience, but also promise to leave you with long lasting memories.

Unique interface

Providing a lot of features our new game interface will give you the opportunity to configure your game style, at the same time that you have a fast and smooth gameplay.

Free to play friendly

With the custom style for our server, you'll be able to play without spending money and always be competitive, all the resources you need within the game getting from Monsters, Raids & Events.

General Features

Mercury x10

  • Rates

    Exp/SP: x10

    Adena: x5

    Drop: x5

    Spoil: x5

    Quest Drop: x1

    Quest Reward: x2

    Manor: x1.5

    Raid Boss Drop: x3

    Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1

    Enchant Info

    Safe Enchant: +4

    Max Enchant: +16

    Enchant Rate

    Normal Scroll of Enchant
    Chance: 52%

    Blessed Scroll of Enchant
    Chance: 56%

    Elemental Stone
    chance: 50%

    Elemental Crystal
    chance: 30%

More Detailed Features...


All donations are final and not refundable! You are not buying any product, all the benefits received in the game are a way of thanking you for your voluntary donation.

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